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Originally Posted by Gros Buck View Post

But worry not, I have a solid background (well ... years ago) at programing computers (C++, Fortran, ADA, Forth, Assembler, Basic), and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC, Omron, Modicon, Telemecanic, Allen Bradley, Siemens) . What is happening into an ECU is far lower level then that, and certainly not Chinese to me. I understand pretty well that this particular ECU. You are not really programming it. You download a firmware to the Bosch controller (this is the program in fact). Then you punch parameters and tables. There lies the pudding and the pain from what i've seen so far.

Each and every time someone starts a project with an ECU at the very moment the crowd starts to salivate, the project falls for whatever reason starting from "no more time", "no more resources", all the way to "Jesus !!! This is too complicated !!!" It does not seem to be anything linear in those tables. Combustion chambers is evidently a field of expertise very creative at generating unexplanable exceptions.

I'm very curious at your project. And eager to here more.

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This will be my 5th stand alone ECU project, no stranger to it. It's not difficult but it's not hard either. Technology will allow some pretty serious data logging that I can share via Email with my tuner. I'll do a day on the dyno, followed by some trail riding/data logging and then a race. We'll be pretty well tuned by then. At that point Bob will do some desert testing, followed by an entire season of ice racing by me and lastly..... The Mexican 1000! The ice racing and desert riding will assure that the cold weather, hot weather and altitude compensation is correct.

Unfortunately, I don't see the harness or map being exported to Canada
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