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Originally Posted by motolab View Post
The DR650 also uses a lower spring seat. Suzuki calls it a "ring" and its part number is 13331-12D00. Without it, the needle will rattle and the slide spring preload will be reduced.

Did you inspect the float needle, slide guide, emulsion tube, jet needle, and slide for wear?

With the needle having been allowed to rattle around like that, I would be most concerned about emulsion tube, jet needle, and slide needle hole wear.

How many miles are there on the carburetor?


The bike has 10600 miles on it, but I don't know how many of those were without that ring. The PO said he pit a DJ kit in there so it might have happened then. I didn't see any kind of noticeable wear on my Carb parts that made me concerned. What exactly should I be looking for? I'll try to find that ring online somewhere.

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