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Originally Posted by Cisco_k View Post
Before moving on with my ride report, I would like to add a little political commentary to go along with what some of you have said in reaction to my reflections upon riding in Colombia. You are right that the USA has turned into a nation of restrictions and lack of personal responsibility. Too many people feel as though their life can be lived shielded from harm or risk if the government is just allowed to exercise enough power and put in place enough regulations to protect everyone. Every time something bad happens, the government passes a new set of regulations which in effect take away individual liberties but do little if anything to protect the public. The feelings of many is that if they have a disaster, it is not their fault or even natures fault but is the result of the government not sheltering the individual. Too many of our youth have grown up so sheltered that they are willing to give up most of their liberties so long as they think the government has the answers to protect them from harm or hardship. They are naive but then they have never had to live in a world where they must produce for themselves and live off of what they produce as individuals and accept and overcome difficulties through their own individual efforts. Ok, now back to riding so this doesn't turn into a political sounding board.

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