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Originally Posted by vabuckaroo68 View Post
It wouldn't surprise me if 'Berg (KTM's alter ego) came out with an 800cc ADV twin.
I'd be happy to help with developement.
Originally Posted by DesertSurfer View Post

In fact, if KTM were to eventually add a lighter version in the next few years... there would be a helluva lot of used 9xx's on the market to part source.

Only time will tell.

Sorry to disappoint you but I don't think there will be 7-800cc V2 version in the next 5 years. First of all KTM doesn't have money for it. Second, even if there was hope, Brussels will screw the manufacturers with CO2 regulations so much (and the governments all of us with more restrictions where we can, or can not ride and all that blah blah blah) that it doesn't make sense anymore to be bothered with a developing this kind of bike for very narrow market.
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