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Originally Posted by harcus View Post

What a bummer.. I have been tossing around the idea of getting a plated XR400 for singletrack/desert/lite adv/ around town/slickrock shredder. any of you guys have any thoughts on this? I have never rode one, my cousin used to have one though and it would walk all over my 94 cr125 haha.. Heard they are damn near bullet proof which I do like! more umphh than a DR350, less of a pig compared to the 600. Right now I am riding a 96 WR250 2 smoker. I love it but would really like a plate with a bit more sense of security. All opinions are appreciated.

Oh and here is an unedited Vid of me riding Mueller park trail yesterday, super fun trail, not very technical but very flowy. Get there early to avoid crowds of angry cyclists.

Its kinda a boring vid but it was a fun ride!

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