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Day 3

Day 3

On the campsite in Zadar there was a old Transalp 600 with a german registration. The guy came over and started to talk to me and we soon discovered that we had the same attitude about touring with the bike. He had arrived a day earlier than me and said I should check out the hinterland on Zadar, it would be worth a ride and very little traffic.
I took his advice and went there after I had a quick sightseeing of Zadar. I wanted to sit down in one of the nice Cafes in the narrow alleys of Zadar and by coincidence met Siggi (as he is called) again, sitting at the Cafe I had choosen. Obviously we also had the same taste of palces and I was soon to discover the meaning of the word "soulmate."

...riding into Zadar

...walking around the harbour of Zadar...

..I had forgotten the keys to my yacht, so I had to stick to the bike....


...checking out the hinterland of Zadar...

Now, some cineastic fans, especially the western fans may recognize this gorge.
It was used as bakground for the Old Surehand and Winnetou films.
to be precise it was used in the film "Flaming Frontier"
or for the german speaking click

They have a sign at the spot and you can read all about the making of the film and .....

...what made this spot so special was...... there is no sign to it, nor a proper road leading to it. I only knew it was there because, Siggi was there the day before.
And he only knew about it because a local guy told him to leave the main road after a few meters and follow his intuition and he will find a nice spot...
After leaving the main road you find a gravel road that seems to start out of nowhere and leads you to the top of the canyon.

...I had to go through that one, just couldnt avoid it..... (so much for the cleanest ADV bike)

...the route of the day...

stay tuned for day 4...


Alba gu brąth
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