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Don't have a 690, but 990 is lower than KLR

Originally Posted by Wantajustride View Post
I find this thread rather interesting and timely. I just started looking to buy a new 2011 or 2012 990R. My local dealer says he can get one for me but I have some reservations as to the seat height of the bike.

Specs say it's,,, give or take 1" shorter in seat height than my 690R. I seem to get along well on the 690 even though I can't come close to standing flat footed. I can barely put both feet on the ground touching only with tippy toes. So I just counter balance the bike with one foot on the ground and one foot on the peg. But the 690 is quite a bit lighter so I would think it's much easier to balance than it's bigger brother.

If any of you have both the 690R and the 990R can you tell me, does the 990R sit 1" lower than the 690? I don't have a demo model to look at or test ride locally so I'd be taking some risk ordering / buying the 990R before I see the bike in person. But if it's anything like the balance and feel of the 690 I'd have absolutely no regrets.

I really don't want to miss out on the opportunity to own what I think will be a classic ADV bike. Let alone the fact that it's one of the best looking.


I had a KLR that was pretty tall, and the 990 is definitely lower. Not sure if that helps you at all, but if you are 5"9 or taller you should be able to at least "half-foot" the bike on each side.
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