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Just going back and hitting a few other posts.

Originally Posted by TonyT1200 View Post
Dude, I did that after being in Alamogordo. I decided I'd check out the trails up there and ended up taking a trail to tough for me, at least alone. The only stuff I had was a camel back, a cell phone, and a plan that I left with a buddy in case I was not back after 4 hours. Anyway, I got stuck and luckily a group of other motorcycles came through and helped me out. I followed them out and we did fine after that. Even offered me a beer and I was very accepting (usually I would not touch alcohol while riding but I really wanted one after that). Anyway if you ever come this way again, let me know and we shall ride!

I wish I would have had my camel pack. Between the standard knife, the rape whistle, the fire starter, and the water tablets I keep with it, it would have been great.

I live on the west side of El Paso so, New Mexico is closer than the airport. We should meet up at some point and ride.

Originally Posted by Johnf3 View Post
You say the road was marked on the map? Which road was this, number or name. The Lincoln National Forest just redid their maps within the last year or so and I don't know of any true roads that are on the map that also are restricted to vehicle width, which is how you described it.

Just curious which road you actually think you were on. I am pretty positive you were on an old closed road.
FR 5543
It may or may not be a closed one at this point. However, I checked the Forestry website, and their vehicle maps indicated it was open to vehicles 50" or less in width, so its a '4-wheeler' road, by their map. Not exactly a firm support of approval as a true road, but it was a 'road' for a while. It certainly doesn't go all the way through anymore physically or forest map wise, but GPS indicated it was (which is wrong) Of course, the ultimate responsibility is mine, and I admit that, but it was an accident, and not intentional offroading.

Here was my entry route, the best I can tell.

Here's my walk out.
First Track:
Continued: (Point B is where I got a ride from the camper)

Here's my recovery route:
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