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FR 5543
It may or may not be a closed one at this point. However, I checked the Forestry website, and their vehicle maps indicated it was open to vehicles 50" or less in width, so its a '4-wheeler' road, by their map. Not exactly a firm support of approval as a true road, but it was a 'road' for a while. It certainly doesn't go all the way through anymore physically or forest map wise, but GPS indicated it was (which is wrong) Of course, the ultimate irresponsibility is mine, and I admit that, but it was an accident, and not intentional offroading.
You cannot count on these roads or the info you get from the FS to be accurate. There are too many of these old roads in this state to be kept track of. A major rain storm can change the status of a road in an hour but take months to discover the change (years?).

I think I posted that on my GS (1150) I hit a road which clearly showed going through but which was a complete dead end. That's when I spun my bike because the road dead ended in the middle of a steep slope down. No way could I do a 180 with the tires touching the dirt. Even if I were 7' tall, it would take a 3 or 4 point turn that way.
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