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Like you I don't wash often. These bikes seem to look almost clean all the time.

I'll follow through on this to ad to the knowledge base

I just recently had a miss in my car. It has a RS Liberty motor, the old Colin McRae WRC winner (The original WRX but with the benifit of a closed deck) and is a great motor to boost, and thrash. It is great fun like a bike only on 4 wheels ....... I put it in in 2000. This is my first and only car (22 years) My first 20 years were only on bikes

1975 the 750/4 K2

It had this annoying miss. With the programmable engine management system I tried richening it, leaning it..... it went on for weeks. I decided to wash the silicon leads and one had slipped out of the coil pack and had been arking...... that was the miss..... I cleaned it up, it looks just like yours. Arking where it should not be arking. It leaves a sort of green deposit.

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