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i have just finished writing a Central America Border Crossing Guide.. "A step by step guide for crossing the notoriously difficult Central America borders, showing pictures of buildings, paperwork, fees, tips...with this book you find your way south a breeze".

Hardback, softback and PDF version HERE

ebook for all Apple products ibooks ipad format HERE

first of all i apologize up front about the quality of today's photos, it was heavy rain off and on all day and i was doing a border crossing so i was just snapping shots as i was riding

CENRUT maps for Garmin here are kind of OK, not too accurate but they send you in the right direction, my route was off by about 20 yards

OK the differences since crossing the border

i lived in the Bahamas for a number of years and also traveled around numerous caribbean islands as well, straight away you get a feeling like you are on an island in the caribbean. Houses on short stilts because of high water issues, tin roofs, small low level stuff, some Mayan huts as well, a few unfinished Mexican style houses too - someone correct me on this if i'm wrong, i remember traveling in Spain years ago and i was told that if a house isn't 100% finished then no taxes are due, i was told it the same in Mexico, thats why they always look like the second floor or roof is waiting to be put on

also more pastel shades as well for exterior paint

KM's are gone you're back in MPH

topes are gone now they are...

very few were painted and blended in with the road very well, but same rules as Mexico applies, most of the time there are some on the way in and on the way out of a town

animals look healthier

when they say its rainy season they mean it

women ride bicycles in the rain with umbrellas!!!

places are signposted pretty well, my destination for today was the Crooked Tree Lodge, up this dirt road for 4 miles, there was a "toll" to enter the village but i just rode by, its $4, i didn't have any change anyway

i get to the lodge and i'm the only one here, its rainy season!!! but its very cool i'll take some photos and add them in the next post or two, the owner is an ex british military guy called Mick, and already he has invited me to a pig roast tomorrow at some friends of his...might stay here a while, well 19 days at the most

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