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It wouldn't be a Folk Festival unless there where crafts!

More than ample parking.

There was a church on the main drag with at least 15 motorcycles parked in front of it. Wish I'd had a picture of that

beautiful historical settings everywhere you turn.

But like I said they did it well. It was all about the people!

Folks from all walks of life! I was totally immersed in it.

Some folks where dressed in period costumes and some folks where just "styln and profiln"!

Did I mention the hand made craft ware?


Tradesmen would dress the part in order to represent there craft as it would have been done back in the day

Some like for the first time anywhere here in this site my oldest of my two daughters sitting at her booth talking to her mom "The Fox".
Sarah has her mother's beauty, and her father's intellect ...... Naw that's her mother too!
As I have said earlier. I married way above my head.
Sarah makes gorgeous hand crafted, hand knitted, Toboggan Hats, Neck Scarfs, Pocket Books, and Children's Wear.

Mountain people are animated ..... ?

Small glimpse of the inside of the main building!

Everything and Everyone who was somebody, or some doggy was there

Some folk been going there a LOOONG time! living on the grounds

Obviously an old church cemetary. there are some other markers much older that this one!
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