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Turn any which way you want and you'll find it all food, crafts, gifts, food, and then there was good ol country cookin!

If you weren't eatin or a buyn something, it was just as much fund to find a bench, sit down and just

It was fascinating any which way you'd turn your head!

Just one of the most beautiful settings anywhere! Hollywood still can not reproduce or computer generate anything
this good yet!

These where the scrubs the good ones haven't fully turned yet!

True Love still holds hands no matter how ..... many summers you've walked together.

Craft and Craft-women!

You won't find fare like this on the menu at the "Golden Choral"!

I was walking along and I heard what sounded like the sound track to "O Brother Where Art Thou" the WoeBGone Girls"! Upon further investigation ....

Seriously! It was at least this big!

Biggest Begonia I've ever Seen!

Just something that caught my eye. Notice the top window trim, that you don't find on houses today!

I think they moved out a while back!

The Fox and a timely find!

Quit your staring it hain't polite!
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