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The Sumitomo PN ref is correct, but as you state/ask, the source for small numbers is very difficult to find. I have tried this site previously, they may or may not be able to get the parts:

Personally, I would maintain a connector and if replacing the failed connector, then I would replace it with a very common Delhpi WeatherPak that is rated for the current and call it done.

Originally Posted by Teeblatt View Post
I think I've tracked down this connector, but have not confirmed the dimensions. The plug appears to be a Sumitomo HD Series 305 P/N# 6098-0208 Male and P/N# 6098-0210 female.

If anyone is in the know on this plug, please let me know, is this right connector and is there a source for small quantities.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Pic of the terminals.

Pic of the connector body

Sumitomo HD Series catalog
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