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It's long past time for an update.

Not much happened for a while- there was planning, but no doing.

The centerstand was extended. It's not going to work as-is; it hits the chain when retracted. It's nice to have for moving the bike around, fitting things that go under the frame (like the exhaust), and checking the ergonomics.

On the ergo front, I made a seat and footpegs out of wood. They're in about the right spot relative to each other.

The shock isn't supporting anything. On the other side of the bike is a strut that is drilled out for four different lengths. Compressed, swingarm straight, race sag, and extended. That makes it really easy to check chain length, shock position, etc. Here it is at the 'swingarm straight' position.

So yesterday Cory (Twinduro) came down from WA. It was a long day. Six hours of talking followed by six hours of work. As Cory said, "Bullshitting can't be rushed." Another friend David stopped by around noon to help with the talking.

Eventually we got to work. The plan is for a hybrid 550/650 motor, so we did a dry fit of the bottom end parts. We started with the transmission, which is getting 550 shafts and 1st gear, and 650 2nd-5th. This should give almost the same wider ratio of the 650 but without the big 1-2 gap that Honda seems to like.

The start. 550 on the left, 650 on the right.

Definitely no 'during' pictures. It took all four hands and a lot of concentration to do the swap.

Cases ready for the transmission:

And with the transmission in place:

It all fit except for one of the shift dogs. It had to be ground down a little to clear second gear.

Checking the 650 oil pan and pickup fit.

After flipping the motor over (the bottom end is assembled upside down) and installing the rest of the parts we had an almost complete bottom end.

Other side, with a list of needed parts.

Halfway through the motor and a page of parts to buy? Sounds about right.
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