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Originally Posted by Yardstick View Post
This new bike sure makes me happy to have my 990 R and 950 SE! Those bikes are about as street oriented as I want to have. To me, the previous generation bikes are big dirtbikes and I ride them like big dirtbikes. I don't commute or tour on them. I ride the straightest, shortest route to dirt and then the straightest, shortest route home. Sometimes they even get hauled to the start of a ride in the back of my truck! Fortunately that means I don't put a ton of miles on them, so they should last a while.

The 1190 is obviously KTM chasing dollars from other manufacturers. I always thought the V-strom I had would be better with stiffer, inverted forks. The 1190 would be a way to find out! Someone should take side shots from all the manufacturers that have bikes that look like this and superimpose them. Or make an animated gif. Line up the axles or maybe try to scale them correctly. It's like they all got together and tried to standardize "the look". Beaks are optional, apparently.
+1. My first impressions of the new 1190 are that KTM's marketing department woke up and realised, "We're absolutely coining it in on our small capacity dirt bikes and will continue to do so, but there's another lucrative market segment we should be going after: The middle aged, middle class man who has watched The Long Way Round and wants a bike that people who know what they're doing can/will ride in the dirt, but which he himself will never even take down a gravel road." This looks to me like they are going right up against the GSA and GS1200.
I like my bike because I can overtake 4x4s down farm tracks with a week's worth of shopping on the back.
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