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Originally Posted by gravityisnotmyfriend View Post
That's what gets me. I would imagine that the guy in the video is an expert and he struggled getting the second bead on. I mean, not as much as I do with spoons - but he did struggle a bit. How tough would it be for me to use it? The part I really like is that you can't pinch the tube. Nothing like dismounting a freshly mounted tire to replace your brand new tube. Been there.
When watching any tyre changing trick/tool on the interwebs three things always stick in my mind:
1. This guy is a professional.
2. There is absolutely no way they are using a really hard to change tyre for their demo and it hasn't been sat in a freezing cold garage for two weeks prior to this video.
3. They could have (and if they're clever, will have) filmed 100 takes and used the best one, where it went on first time, with the least hassle for the advert.

Not saying I won't drink this particular Coolaid if I see one being used in the flesh/hear enough good reviews here, just saying I'm always skeptical of miracle tyre changers. I know that I have changed tyres with nothing other than spoons in less than 5 minutes some days and then others, I've struggled for well over an hour. I have no idea why, everyone always bangs on about how getting a good brake bleed is inconsistent. Not for me: after doing it the first time, it has always been a piece of piss for me. Get my in front of any tyre other than a pushbike tyre and God only knows how long it'll be before I have it on.
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