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Originally Posted by kmasa View Post
I was told by my local shop that I can use 75W90 for both my transmission & final drive fluid I did both today. The fluid drained from both the tranny / final drive appeared to have the same color & very similar visicosity as the 75W90. Or, should I go ahead and re-do the final drive?
I'm still trying to figure out the question here. You "did both" the tranny and final drive by draining the oil and refilling with 75W90 gear oil like your local shop told you, so what does "re-do" the final drive mean?

75W90 GL-5 rated synthetic gear oil works fine in both places as documented in many, many threads here as well as in the Frequently Asked Question thread located at the top of GSpot. 180 ml is the proper fill quantity for R1200 FDs.
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