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Originally Posted by Twilight Error View Post
A motorcycle crash is a very violent event, there isn't any way to predict how you're going to come off the bike or how you're going to come to a stop on the road.
Four years ago, I got rear-ended by a truck. I was stopped, waiting to make a left turn, the truck hit me at ~40mph. I saw him just in time to get moving again, but my GS and I were thrown some 60' down the road. Witnesses say I looked a lot like a ragdoll in the tumble. I know my feet hit the ground many times, they were pretty bruised when I got my boots off. Would I have been injured more if I was wearing sneakers? Can't say, and I'm not willing to try it again to find out.

There are a couple advantages to wearing real MC boots:
Ankle and lower leg protection from hot exhaust and engine components.
No laces to hang up on the pegs.
A stiff sole improves comfort on the pegs by spreading out the contact area.
The soles are oil and gas resistant - if you step into a puddle of either, the sole won't start dissolving.
Many are waterproof, riding with cold and wet feet sucks.
Well that was the best inexact answer you could write: Violent crash, had one myself, feet hit the ground a couple times and still had bruises after I took off the boots.

The "advantages" seem dont really appeal to me. Im more concerned about the crash protection. As petty as this sounds I also want convenience. I dont want to go on a motorcycle trip, spend a day in a city and have to lug around motorcycle boots, or even look stupid walking around in motorcycle boots. A motorcycle jacket provides warmth adn a much better protection pay off. If I had a fancy pants sport bike I would be more much more likely to get them as well as knee pads and proper riding jeans.

Yes riding in the rain does suck. Ive done it PLENTY of times here in Korea where it rains almost all summer. I hate wet feet and a wet shirt but I hate a wet crotch even more.

Twilight Error Im happy to have you still here responding to this.
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