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Sorry, shouldn't have mentioned the tour company. It IS what I do to be able to stay in Peru. But what I was willing to share was about the rides we do among friends in South America.

About every 3 years (since 1998) we do an EPIC (at least 30 day) ride together. Grant Johnson asked me to share at the HU rally in NC 2 years ago about taking my 16 yr old son on his 'coming of age' trip in 2007 on dirt bikes for 10,000 km around South America. I think they enjoyed it by the enthusiastic response. In 2010 my 21-yr old daughter joined us on a 36-day ride all over Andes and Amazon of Peru. THAT'S what I want to promote! The relationships formed on the trail are the most important thing!

This January a group of us are chasing the Dakar 2013 down the coast of Peru, so that trip will be fresh for the telling this coming September. And my residence in Maine is not too far away....

Our next friends epic trip will be a 66-day across 4 South American countries, catching a World Cup Soccer game in Brazil, riding to the "Lost World" plateau on the border of Bolivia/Brazil (the place that spawned the idea of 'Jurassic Park') and to Iguazu Falls in Argentina/Brazil just mention a few.

Or I could do a free (short) seminar for the ADVer dreaming about doing their own version of the famed Alaska to Tierra del Fuego run. I know there is beer to be drunk, but maybe some 'dream catching' in the middle of it all would be good too!

Cheers! Toby
ive been to HU meet before and any presentation they've had have been very interesting. i would attend for sure
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