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Originally Posted by Taelan28 View Post
sure 010 2268 8270. I've never really ridden with anyone before. I've gone nearly all my miles solo.

Sorry bud, you're welcome to come along sometime but probably not just you and I...the 125 just won't keep up. :)

FWIW, I kinda agree with you in YOUR circumstance. I've ridden scooters in many places with nothing more than tennies and felt fine with it. If you can get up to 50kph I'd be surprised.

Case study on boots, personal example: In Cambodia, riding some very wet (partially underwater) offroad tracks at a respectable pace (when out of water maybe 30-50kph)...there were some things on the side of the trail. 90 percent of the time it was just a bush. The trail would get really narrow and we'd push through the busy some. Sometimes the "bush" was really a damned concrete pole. I whacked one at what must have been 40kph...twice. I hit one so hard that it lifted my foot and leg all the way up level with the seat and back behind me. NO INJURY at all and I just kept riding. Thank you Sidi Crossfires and Asterisk knee braces! That would have broken a leg with no armor.

On the street, in a crash you have no way of really knowing where your feet will be in relation to static objects. Boots kinda keep your feet on the bottom of your legs...and can help prevent breaks and strains. Also, boots like my race/street boots (Sidi Vertigo) have nice little pads on the outside, which acts as a nice feeler for lean angle.

Oh, and it is fairly common for me and my friends to go to lunch in a random town wearing our MX boots. Take 'em off at the door just like any other shoe.
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