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Originally Posted by Taelan28 View Post
$250 is not chump change. However I will concede that the medical bills and and pins in my feet will pale in comparison to a boot purchase.

I travel with a small back pack. I wear shoes and stuff slide sandals in my bag as well as my camera, sun block, swimsuit and an extra pair of clothes, and I hate carrying THAT around when Im at my destination. Another pair of regular shoes would only be slightly less bulky and annoying to me. When I pack for long weekend trips I fill my bigger Oakley backpack with camera, clothes, lifejacket (I waterski), shoes, sun screen, phone charger and room for other stuff.

All motocycle boots lack style to me. Yes they look nice and cool and are well designed motorcyle boots but walking into a restaurant with them or meeting a very pretty korean lady with motorcycle boots is just tacky. So ultimately I have petty conflict of interest, be protected or be lean, convenient and socially adjusted.
I can't speak to healthcare in S. Korea, but this:

Cost my employer's insurance company $60k, by the time rehab and lost work was figured in, the bill was into 6 digits.

Granted, this was the result of a logging accident, but similar outcomes are not impossible in a bad crash.

You've got to balance your own risk/reward equation. I balanced mine on the side of protection.
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