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Hey Drone - I have a problem just bolting weight in; it has to be functional on some level... A small AGM battery, air compressor, receiver tank, and air horn weigh in about 50 lbs: and obviously bolted down.

Plus you get to see cagers about sh!t their pants when they pull out in front of you, and are jerked out of their cell phone bliss by a Freightliner (or so they think, as they obviously aren't paying attention) 140 db horn.

Let me know if you want to see the compressor/tank. Takes up about 1/2 cubic foot behind the seat. If you wanted, you could even mount the air receiver on the outside of the hack body; it would look like a fuel tank.

I do not use it often, but when you do it gets the job done. You also get the convenience of a 100 psi air source when your tires become unround on the bottom...
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