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I like riding small flickable bikes.
I don't get why people are ok with accepting 380lbs as an acceptable weight for a 250/300 cc class small twin?

Anyone remember the venerable Yami FZR 400? 50hp and 347lbs....that bike was a blast!!!!

With todays technology and alloys and the high tech designs in trannys why cant they get a small cc twin down to 300lbs ish?

I mean look at supermoto 450cc bikes? Yes they are singles usually, but at 250-270lbs soaking wet it sure seems possible to save 30-70lbs off of a small twin.

These little 250/300 twins should really be 300lbs MAX.

My reasoning is along the lines of the ridiculous weight of the CBR250R. It weighs 357lbs according to the Honda USA website. It uses the Honda CRF250X motor in it. A fully fueled CRF25X with lights and battery weighs 253lbs....where is 104lbs neccesary to turn it into a sport bike?

I can see 40lbs in ABS components and cast wheels and body work....blah blah blah, but come on, 104 lbs?

Ridiculous especially for a single.
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