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Originally Posted by ScorpioVI View Post
Money problems...

You guys should set up a bank character. Power run that new character to Sanctuary. You can kite weapons/kit to that character for storage.

Play with a friend, give that friend all your money, switch to your bank character. Have your friend transfer the money to you. Now you're not risking your bankroll every time you die.

My friends and I already finished the game, so now we're replaying it in True Vault Hunter Mode. It's like 2x as hard. Hard enough that every other Bullymong is a Badass and respawning is a fact of life. We were losing 25k a pop before we decided to set up bank characters.

Anybody playing Gaige yet? I'm finding her the second most fun character to play (after melee Zero). The Anarchy stack damage can get pretty ridiculous.

I finished it with a Commando, then started again as a Gunzerkerker, got up to lvl 16 kept getting drops for this Mechromancer character. Hmmmm....did a little research, bought the DL, and BOOYEAH.

Gaige ROCKS!
Plus I love any action skills that are "added/droppable/spawnable" rather than gunzerking, etc.

I'm psyched, because the Gunzerker was like meh, and I was up till 4am playing Gaige.
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