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I wouldn't worry about that too much. What I would worry about is if the float cage does not fit snugly in the carb body, i.e. it falls out by itself, and/or requires zero effort to install, or if the o-rings otherwise exhibit evidence of hardening, shrinking, deformation (i.e. no longer having a round cross-section) or cracking.


Ah. I had to use a little bit of effort to pull it out. It was definitely snug in there. So when I was putting the float assembly back into the carb, I was pretty strictly following the pictures from that BST bible post. When it was perfectly horizontal, the float was swinging out away from the carb body. When as I tilted it up to 60 degrees or so, the line on the float was running parallel with the edge of the carb body. Then, when I put the carb flat on the table, the float fell into the body like the pictures showed. I'm awful at explaining anything, but this is what I'm referring to:
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