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One correction, I would NOT screw the fuel mixture screw in "Snug". It has a very sharp point on the tip which can be damaged from over tightening. Just screw in till it bottoms ... never force it, it will last a LOT longer this way and be more effective when fine tuning.

1.5 turns out works for me too at most altitudes. (I'm at sea level but ride frequently at altitude). When I'm up high I LEAN out the mix and go in a half turn or so on the Fuel mixture screw. Works a treat. At 12,000 PLUS ft. I got the DR idle to smooth out and starting recovered to normal ... and leaner settings save fuel!
I'll back you up on that. I had a friends DR with the TM40 carb that was kicking my behind with running problems. One of the problems was no adapter ring and the second was the tip of the mixture screw was broken and stuck in the bottom of the hole. No air could pass through and it created some strange running problems.
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