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Originally Posted by GSAragazzi View Post
Here in TX it's illegal to split lanes in moving traffic, so my question is not in regards to legality but safety. Is it ok to filter thru when reaching an intersection to be in front and not trapped in between cars (who are checking Facebook, answering calls and returning txts)? I've been riding for 20 or so yrs -sport bikes- this is my first Dual sport and I've noticed a different attitude towards me without me changing any of my riding habits. I would like to keep that going .Just don't feel like getting plowed from my 6 or cut into while waiting for a light to turn in exchange. Then again, I am enjoying this new "friendly" attitude towards me and the bike I ride.
So what's your call? yes: get to the front ( piss cagers off), or no: wait in line (just don't get killed).
I split here in TX when I feel the need, fuck the traffic and fuck the BS tickets.

I have passed a cop a time or two going down 35 from Denton to Downtown Ft. Worth. Did not even phase them. One, how are they going to catch you? They are stuck in traffic.

Anyone that has rode with me can vouch I think that way. I am not right, I know that, but I can use the "safety" excuse to get away with it.
People here will TRY to cut you off (happens about one out of every 1,000 cars I pass), honk the horn and give you the single finger salute. I laugh knowing they are pissed they are still stuck in traffic. I even consider my I-45, highway speed (read 10 to 15 over) lane splitting behind 3 asshats all going the same speed and all 3 lanes blocked, I call it a public service. Why?
Because one of the idiots slows the fuck down thinking I am running from the cops, thus leaving a gap for other motorist to make thier way around the 3 stooges. Now at this time traffic is becoming unclogged and returning to normal. My job is done here.

SO, you see, riding like an asshole is actually helping your fellow commuters and weekend shopping sheep.
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