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Hey Everybody,

It was a ton of fun wrenching with Luke on the CB desert sled the other day, as well as having the chance to hang out with Rick, his wonderful wife Jan and Luke's friend David; all fantastic folks! As was mentioned, a brief "bench racing" session may have occurred before we got to work....

The first order of business was removing all of the cylinder studs from one of the spare CB550 cases. Man 'o man those things were in there! With Luke manhandling a 2 foot, half-inch drive breaker bar attached to a stud puller, myself armed with a heat gun set to burn, and with both of us holding the case to keep it from flying off the stand, we eventually got them all out. No photos, but I'll let you use your imagaination...

Here's a photo of the offending shift dog rubbing against 2nd gear after the 2nd-5th gear CB650 transmission swap:

Comparing the CB550 shift dog to the CB650 dog showed that the 650's dog had about 1mm less material on it then the 550's, where it sits near 2nd gear...

...which resulted in "the daily grind."

It was a blast to help Luke do the dry-fit on the bottom end; to say I learned a ton throughout the day would be an understatement! I've never been this deep into a SOHC Honda Four, so it was an enlightening afternoon.

Can't wait until the next installment...

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