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Originally Posted by georgedaman View Post
Hey Phil,
It was a nice to meet and ride with you.I didn't realize it was your first time off road with that monster.
You did great, hope to ride with you again next year.
Most certainly did excellente! Sometimes its good to not know that you shouldn't neccessarily be doing bushwacking like that with our Orca's of a GS.

I really liked how we went more by intuition, did some trial and error rather than totally depend on our GPS, i.e. being off the grid. It adds to the adventure. I would not have done that Wikwemikong leg alone, and after a few dead ends would likely have turned back. certainly turned back as I was not sure that one road was really a road for a while.

Good times though, I am working with the band to see if we can open up those roads to get access to the myriad of roads and cow paths back there. There was soooo many branching off here and there, we just barely scraped the surface methinks. Next year eh gents?

Lets do this again.

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