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Originally Posted by The Walrus View Post
I'm in agreement that Honda USA is out of touch with many of us moto riders.

I just returned from a trip which included some time in Hastings, England. I walked into the local Honda dealer and after a great conversation and some time looking on the showroom floor, I picked up the Honda Adventure pamphlet....

XL1000V Varadero
XL700V TransAlp
XL125 Varadero

Now, look up the Honda USA site and see what we can buy........the ancient XR650L or the Summer release of the NC700X.......

The Brits told me that the Varadero will likely be discontinued and the USA has never seen one through a legitimate dealer.

What a joke!

I rode my XR650R's for a long time and modded them extensively but Honda will not see another of my dollars anytime soon.......

A $6000 pound 2008 Varadero with 3900 miles.........

A $13,750 pound, brand new CrossTourer 1200 on the showroom floor..........notice the CrossRunner behind it.........

With a stronger dollar at today's exchange, that's around $22,000 for that bike......not what I giwould consider a great value either...
This thread is giving me migraines.......and I can only hope that HONDA is reading it as closely as KTM is reading the 1190 thread......they photo shopped a header dent away when it was pointed out in the thread.....C'mon you effn'g HONDA execs..........I already have multiple KTM's in my shed.....and I know there's a bunch of US(ofA) who would have HONDA's instead of the few options we currently have................

Keep calm and carry on.....we now return you to your regularly (non USofA) scheduled thread........
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