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Originally Posted by SingleTrackJeff View Post
I found this Sigma jet kit on eBay. Haven never heard of them but I haven't looked a lot lately.

Has anyone tried it and does it work any better than the Dino jet, I never could get the Dino jet to work with out stumbling off closed throttle. Every one tells me the Dino jet needle is the prob but that is over my head.

Any other suggestions on a jet kit to try that works.
Cheap Chinese jets with questionable size markings on them. No needle, just some washers to shim it up. Not much of a value for $50.

The stumbling just off closed throttle can be blamed on the DynoJet recommendation of running the mixture screw at 2-1/2 turns out. That will be way to rich and cause a rich bog just off idle. Most riders have had good results by setting the idle mixture right on the lean edge of the smooth idle range - usually around 1-1/4 turns out.
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