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Dainese and a lot of other top manufacturers still have a lot to learn about the female market. When looking for gear with my then gf, we were appalled by the womens suits sizings...they might fit supermodels for their catalogues but that's about it. If the pants fit, the top wasn't roomy enough for her rack, and if the jacket fit, the pants were stupidly oversized. A full day having to try on various bits of kit was a total joke, unlike what it was for me being able to say "just gimme a size 50 Dainese suit" and have it fit like a glove...5mins and that was me sorted!!

As women's sizings vary so much, they should offer a suit with different sizings for each half, not a blanket "this is your size and shape". She ended up having to buy a lesser grade Dainese jacket and pants separately, and couldn't even get pants with knee sliders...a total pain given she does track-days. The biggest insult however was the huge cost-blowout for a lower grade outfit than mine just to ensure it fit her properly!! Having said that, she sure did look sexy in it!!
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