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Originally Posted by Dread Pendragon View Post
After I read that Jason was given the Caldecott Award I was thinking perhaps advrider could unofficially bestow some awards at the end of the 2013 Dakar. Nothing that has the seriousness of tragedy, like the Caldecott award, just a few fun designations that reflect our experience following the race here on ADVrider.

I propose The Snowman Award, for the rider who gets the farthest despite swallowed by the snowball.

Other possibilities:
- the most scandalous behavior (some reference to a moustache) or poorest sportsmanship (mud)

and . . . well, I can't really think of anything else right now. Maybe just those two.
I like this idea

I suggest we keep it simple and have just two:

1) Snowball award: For the toughest and longest suffering privateer that finishes.

2) Kemal Merkitt Award: For the competitor who remains the most positive and full of beans.

Maybe the two should be combined into the Kemal Merkitt award?

I did not know Kemal all that well but thought that would be something he would have supported being an inmate himself.

Originally Posted by JMo (& piglet) View Post
Hi Troy - I'm sure it's purely political, and to a lesser extend financial... as I'm sure you are aware, nearly all of those rallies you list above have at one time or another been part of the FIM Cross Country World Championship - The NPO Maroc was until two years ago, and NPO also ran the Tunisie FIM event up until 2011 of course, until last year when it was cancelled...

Des Sertoes was also an FIM round up until 2010 (when Bluebule raced it, albeit in the non-FIM class), but, like the Australia Safari perhaps - I imagine the logistics/cost of the top teams [who primarily reside in Europe] shipping their whole [factory] crews to South America and Australia meant the 'International' representation wasn't as high in those two events (as opposed to domestic entries), which is why the FIM dropped them, or don't affiliate them?

Personally I totally agree with you - not only is a World Championship pretty lame when it currently consists of just 4 rounds (It used to be six of course), but the appeal of the 'World' championship is exactly that - it ought to be diverse in terrain and culture (which is why I think Sardinia offers a nice alternative, but only within a 6 round championship at least), and be held on at least 4 continents to make it truly 'World' class...

Perhaps with the emergence of all these new events being held in Eastern Europe and Asia, we will see a new CCRWC round there in the near future? And if Brazil don't get a few Dakar Stages for 2014, then the reinstatement of Des Sertoes, or at least something in South America...

Of course what we all really want is a USA round I'm sure...

Jenny xx
Actually I came 8th in the Sertoes 2012 FIM WC class, I just did not compete in any other WC events.
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