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Originally Posted by BeamingBeagle View Post
Wow guys, thanks for all the advice! Sorry it's taken me a while to get back with the answers but here they are along with a link to a youtube video I made trying to capture idle and a slight rev.

link to video:

1. frequency seems pretty consistant
2. sounds like just under the cylinder head (if your facing the bike front left)
3. No, it's more noticable when it's idling but I can still feel it (or so I think) when its up around 4000
4. clutch in or out has no effect
5. pretty consistant hot and cold (maybe a little more pronounced when hot)
6. 20w-50 castrol synthetic. almost 3000 on this change (engine has 48,000) filter is bmw,
Cold start test was 6 seconds until light came on

And thank you!!!
Your Youtube sounds normal. You may want to check the alternator belt.
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