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Wing Commander, Chris Roberts, and Star Citizen

I tried to see if someone posted about this yet. Didn't see one.

I'm a PC gamer, always have been. I got a custom PC, with a huge library, almost never touch the Xbox, never owned a Sony console.

I'm also a Sim junky. Or at least, I used to be. The simulation market has fallen on hard times, especially Space Sims.

I have fond memories of Wing Commander, Tachyon, and Freelancer. EVE Online, is less a space sim, and more a corporation sim. I dont have time for an induction into middle management.

Anyways. A few days about an Individual named Chris Roberts (creator of the great wing commander games and terrible wing commander movie) came forward with a bunch of demonstration material and a goal. Given his history with video game publishers (and them buying his companies and liquidating them), he wanted to create a crowd funded game cutting out the publisher as a middle man.

In 4 or so days, he's already received 6,600 pledges for $650,000, despite issues with his website. He needs at least 2 million to make it a reality, and he's go 26 days to get the rest.

If your a member of the PC Gaming master race, enjoy sci fi or space games, and want to dust off the ole joystick, head over to and help make this project a reality.

Donate to the arts instead of cancer this one time. If you're thinking about building a PC in the future, help make sure it has something great to run. Save PC Gaming, help revive the Space Sim.

I'm just trying to get the word out to gamers that have missed the announcement. This game is going to both combat and/or trade oriented. Based on the the CryEngine 3, and most materials you see for it are rendered in the game's engine in real time.

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