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Oh and for those curious the Ford F150 with Eco boost in my experience AVERAGED mixed driving with a slightly heavy foot over the 20,000kms i put on it 16.5mpg. My best tank worked out to 18.8mpg and the best i ever seen on a trip on the on dash recorder was 24mpg (seen 31mpg once on a long down hill LOL). Ford made some outrageous fuel milage claims with that eco boost that i just could not seem to get even driving as lightly as i could. IN many cases my older brother got better milage with his truck (identical F150 in blue with the longer bed and a 5.0L v8). It did kinda piss me off but one thing Ford did not mis advertise is the power that little six was POTENT.
Hehehehe ... I love my 5L V8. Also love the larger fuel tank (except when I have to fill it). But knowing how far I go on that tank makes me happy. And I like the sound of a V8 ... much better then the vacuum cleaner sound from the Eco-Boost.

Real world numbers: My one year average fuel mileage with a mix of driving is 16.2mpg. What I have found to be the largest difference between the Eco-Boost and my 5L is my fuel economy numbers are a little more stable. My worst to best fuel mileage is a relatively small range between 14mpg to 19mpg. My best is a little shy of the 25mpg Ford says I should get, but for real world I ain't doing bad.

And towing isn't that bad with my 5L either. Truck and trailer weighing in at exactly 10,000lbs, I completed an 8000km trek from British Columbia to go visit my Brother in Southern Ontario and back home again and my average for the trip rolls in at 16.4mpg.

But on the topic of monies owed ... I think if the "need" or desire for a specific vehicle can be justified, the monies can be worked. When purchasing anything new from the showroom floor you already take a hit. Depreciation on a vehicle the moment the keys are in your hand is heart-breaking. As consumers, we tend to ignore this for a while and relish on the finer points of new vehicle ownership ... like making the "new-car" smell last as long as possible. But we ain't stupid. We know it is going to happen, and if you factor in all the perks, savings, maintenance, and overall life-expectancy, we should expect to see the savings after many years.

If you acknowledge the financial hit of purchasing a new vehicle, then trading a larger vehicle with a larger sticker price for a smaller sticker smaller truck still makes sense. So long as the "needs" are met. While I agree in the short-term the hit he took on the trade-in value of his larger truck for this smaller truck will sting a bit ... I think the overall savings will help his situation.

Just my $0.02. I am a little passionate about this topic, because the purchase of my F150 came after much debate, contemplation, and creative dreaming trying to get myself out of a jam with a massively backwards loan on a vehicle I hated and should never have purchased...
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