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Originally Posted by Dr. Doofenshmirtz View Post
This is a FYI if it hasn't been covered yet. If your changing your oil every 6K like me be sure to check the level by 3K. You'll probably need to top it off. The Tiger does burn oil and will not maintain the full amount between changes if your doing it at 6K intervals. Just make sure you keep some handy to top it off as needed.
Mine doesn't use any at all. It's still at the top line in the window 3K after being filled to that level at service.
This subject has been discussed at length on the 955 forums and the conclusion is that those that do use oil were run in too gently. i.e. the rings aren't fully seated in the bore, didn't get pushed into the bore during running in and or, the bores are glazed and let oil get by the rings.
It helps to "give it a handful" occasionally during running in to get that pressure into the cylinder to seat the rings.
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