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Originally Posted by Gimpinator View Post
This is 25 years old. Volkswagen developed their VR engines in the late eighties.

BTW the ultimate expression of this technology is the Bugatti Veyron W-16 engine.

The "revolutionary" Horex engine merely adds wedged piston domes so you can have a flat cylinder head. This is a big non-no for emissions because of the large "crevice volume" above the top piston ring where lots of unburned hydrocarbons like to hide. For this reason alone no manufacturer will touch it.

well, there's some other differences in this engine from the classic VW VR6. the pistons are offset, not dead centered on the crank, so the V angle isn't as steep for the same piston spacing... yes, this means there's some inherent piston slap, but I think I read some newer toyota 4 cyl engines are using offset cranks and they apparently are getting away with this. if you time it right, the piston rod is MORE centered under the piston on the power stroke...
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