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Originally Posted by GSAragazzi View Post
Gracias hermano. I will take you offer and contact you if I do go ahead and fly/ride. Story on the Embassy car (I'm a green badger ex Special Warefare op). Embassy cars are GM black, this one was a Toyota Gold Landcruiser. Picked up an admiral or captain I believe from the base (Ejercito base entrance to cuota) in Mex City on 95 to Cuernavaca. They got to 3Marias and exited on a side road going NE.a reten noticed and gave pursuit. On the dirt road they got reached and the Army opened up. The only reason they were saved (bulletproof car) was that the Mexican captain had a radio and he echoed that he was taking fire. Yes, they got ID confused. Reten thought they were trying to avoid them. Big mistake and very quick (read nervouse) triggers. I like to stay away from that.
Here's the link that shows a gray Toyota (used by embassy people and not just DEA) and it was Mexican Federal police and not "the army".
And no, it wasn't a case of confused ID.

Hey Bob Loblaw, I think she's the poster girl for that Salt Spring ride video! You've got some real hardcore riders up there.
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