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Bears are not your friend

Cliff note version: Some bears are not afraid of humans.

I have had an up close personal experience with an aggressive black bear in the dark of the night up in the mountains somewhere. When we illuminated the bear it was scary to see it unafraid and coming towards us rather than running away - so we made it go away.

A neighbor had recently taken care of one as it tried to enter the house thru a locked screen door. That bear is now a rug.

The most interesting part of this experience is the armchair experts who all tell me that black bears don't get aggressive and it never happened. Those same experts tell me there are no bears in my backyard here in the western NY flat-lands yet I have bear scat and sightings. Just like trying to "report" the aggressive bear "incident" to the "experts"-they would rather accuse you of lying rather than look at the facts of the situation with an open mind and be glad no one got mauled.
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