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On a serious note, feel bad that such a great part of the world is turning into a place to avoid. If it was me riding solo i would take the chances but my wife/ kids not worth the try. This is why I'm asking for people's views of the situation on the ground.[/QUOTE]

GSAragazzi, I won't try to minimize the events in Tres Marias but per the WaPo article, the agents had been traveling back and forth to the camp many times and they were specifically targeted. A solo rider or even a small group is likely not going to be noticed if they are passing through an area. No one is going to pay some bad cops to go after a few turistas. But in the final analysis, you must make your own assessments and use your own judgement about the risks to you and your family. But please make them based not only on the facts of this situation (facts often being a hard thing to come by in Mexico) but on the broader picture of how the violence happens and where.

As the article says, the cartels have lost their top guys and the second and third tier guys who have taken over are not as business savvy and don't understand that, as Don Corleone said, blood costs money.

I'm fortunate to be in a very safe area in the very safe state of Sonora.

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