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HOWEVER. Between the BMW Service Manager and my Claims adjuster, they came up with the sum of.... $11,000.

$11,000... The only way I can figure that they came up with this number is that they chose to replace every single scratched part. Insane! I haven't gotten the itemized invoice yet, but I can't wait. I'm assume almost none of it was engine related. The one thing I do know is, that my scuffed final drive and front rim? Yeah, they are replacing them... WTF?...
As a prior insurance adjuster, I'll comment. Insurance pays to return the bike to pre-loss condition. If there are used parts available, they'll use those, but usually not on a current model bike. Also, used parts are not available for motorcycles the way they are for, you usually get new parts. Insurance pays retail for parts, so they pay BMW prices. Sometimes insurance can negotiate a lower labor rate, but usually the motorcycle dealers have insurance companies by the balls because they can't just go to the next shop with a lower rate because there are few motocycle mechanics for a particular brand, especially something "exotic".

Insurance pays for what you or I wouldn't pay for if we had to pay out of pocket. For you or I the total cost of repair would probably be closer to your $1500 (probably more, because one wheel might be $1500) amount, but you and I would ride around with bent luggage racks and scratches because there's no way we'd replace some of the stuff if we had to pay out of pocket.
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