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I just read through this entire thread for advice because my husband is now a member of the club. Last Sunday on a trip home from the Texas Hill Country, he had a bad left low side off his bike. Two ambulance rides later (115 miles!) he was in Temple, Tx for surgery to repair two tibia, 1 fibula and an ankle fracture. Unfortunately because of a previous total knee replacement on the same leg, the normal fix of placing a rod down the tibia was not an option. So, 12 screws and two plates later, he's put back together with no weight bearing for 3 months. I feel so bad for him as he broke ribs too so he's having a hell of a time getting around. Each day he is just a little better but the task of recovery from this get off seems rather daunting at this point. I'll get him on the laptop this afternoon so he can read this thread.

He's been riding for 40 years and this is his only crash so we both consider him lucky and know that his injuries could have been worse. He wants to ride again. I'm thankful for that because I ride my own bike too and have way more fun when we are riding together. I'm interested to know if anyone has crashed again after having the plates installed. Specifically, would a subsequent injury to the same leg wind up fracturing the only area of his leg that isn't plated? With a knee implant and both leg bones plated, he only has about a 4 inch area of his tibia, just below his knee implant that doesn't have steel on it. My concern would be that this portion of his leg, in the event of another get off, would break in an instant. Kinda scary.

I'm really glad that I found this thread with all the good info. Thanks to all of you for sharing your experiences.
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