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Originally Posted by JMo (& piglet) View Post
I imagine the logistics/cost of the top teams [who primarily reside in Europe] shipping their whole [factory] crews to South America and Australia meant the 'International' representation wasn't as high in those two events (as opposed to domestic entries), which is why the FIM dropped them, or don't affiliate them?
All points well taken, both Troy and JMo.

I would add that for many world championships (not all) shipping is something that the promotor handles. Of course this is more complicated on a rally than for a team that will operate entirely within a paddock (like WSB) and needs no mobile machinery of their own... but IMO, if they want a proper world championship, the way to accomplish that is by integrating events all around the world, and using economies of scale to make that affordable. It's a lot cheaper to fill containers in bulk, than for each team to have to one-off ship everything individually, and the promotor could arrange that and share the cost.
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