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Originally Posted by Mr.Cairo View Post
Another +1 on the ham radio and the SPOT, model with the texting ability.

Now the really important thing, just don't start a forest fire using the flares!
If you're in a western forest, and you use flares. . . you'll likely be starting a fire. Besides, who's going to see you out in the sticks, and come to your assistance? Someone may see that glow in the trees/brush and think it a UFO and start poking around out of curiosity?
I'd hate to see a forest fire started by an "Adventure Rider" because he deployed a flare after getting himself into an overnight position.

Sleeping int he woods is actually nice if you are (even slightly) prepared. Running from a forest fire is never nice (I can only imagine the horror level increases greatly if it's a fire you had started).
"Be of good cheer. All may yet be well. There's many a fork, I think, on the road from here to destruction."
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