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I am not meaning to pick on you. I love projects. My garage is full of them and I am like you, I always have more than 1 going at all times.

Currently I am building a BMW R80GS into an HPN Dakar replica sort of bike, but on a budget...

Then I am close to done on a 1965 Yami YDS3 2 stroke twin 305cc Cafe bike. I am very proud of how that one is looking. Lots of custom welding and frame mods, not quite to your level of stuff, but complete foot pegs and brake reconstruction as well as rear frame reshaping and a hand built rear tail section.

Then in the wings I have a Honda VT700 that I have all designed a Street tracker/flat track replica bike for. That one needs a complete motor rebuild like the smoker did so I have to wait for funds...

Then my daily driver is a 1949 Studebaker C-cab truck that I bought for $580 USD so you can imaging how poor of shape that was in. I have since completely welded up a a bunch of frame mods and for shortening the frame, fuel tank repositioning, front bumper tucking and some new 2 pot Corvette master cylinder and 7" dual diaphram power brake booster stuff all custom welded up brackets.

My input was just on the line of building something that already exhists.I like modding things into what will ultimately end up different, unique. I see guys take a vintage old car or truck and just set it on a new car chassis with AC and bew disc brakes, FI motor, yada yada....It is just a new vehicle then. I get that it LOOKS like an old vehicle, but it is not. It looses those cool old idiosycracies and character that made it cool. I still run drum brakes on my Stude and straight front axle, a 1963 Stude V8 with a carb, 3 speed on the tree....keep it old school.

I see those guys on that Cafe racer show take a cool old vintage bike and put disc brakes and a single shock on it and inverted forks and I dont get it. They sell R1s and GSXRs that way out perform a CB450 with new stuff on it. It is NOT a cafe anymore.

Leave the DR a DR imho. Keep it cool for what it is.

To take a DR and turn it into a KTM SE replica is cool from a fabrication aspect, but you have probably spent close to the money it would take to just buy an SE or something similar and just ride.

I feel for you on the explody motor issue. I did a minor rebuild on my Stude, new bearings and rings with a hone, big cam, full valve job with some porting only to have it spin a front rod bearing at 1000 miles, really bummed me out and made me park it for a while out of frustration and self blame for not completeing the rebuild and just have the rods reconned and turn the crank while it was apart....tried to save a buck ended up costing me close to $500 USD. Oh well.

Get back to it and I am watching with interest as to the outcome.
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