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Originally Posted by DesertSurfer View Post

Your imagery is at the "Mind Blowing" stages...

I've been so truly humbled.

This is one of those golden nuggets I comb for on advrider.

And I love that it's in the back yard... so to speak.

More magical journeys, please.

And thank you once again.

Wow man, thanks for the I'm a bit humbled. Really, I know plenty of riders around here go to these same mind blowing places that I do, I just got tired of coming home with snapshots that made people say "oh that looks nice" (ho hum) and I'd be thinking inside "No, you don't get it, it was awesome!" I'm just SO glad that people are looking at my photos and getting it now.

This thread is becoming a lot of fun for me and sometimes I sit back with a beer and read it just to take me back to where I was in my mind, and as long as few of you are enjoying the journey to, I'll continue to post.

Yesterday I rode a bit over 400 miles, did a two mile hike and still had time to enjoy a few moments, and today I'm recovering from it I'm feeling a little lazy and thought I'd go through my photos later this week, but after reading your post I feel inspired to start right now. I should have some up in a couple of days.

In the meantime, a little story from after the last adventure that was cool for me.

This photo just showed up in my Email this last week.

A couple of weeks ago in the Alabama Hills I saw a photographer doing the same as I was and apparently he scouted the same spot for a sunrise photo that I did. There I was in darkness a half hour before sun up with my gear all set up and this guy rolls in literally 5 minutes before the first rays of light hit the mountain, a quick nod to each other and he quickly gets ready for the show. Not a word was spoken for about 15 minutes as the light transformed the landscape in front of us. Finally as things settle down two strangers acknowledge each other and we begin to talk of the awesome display we just witnessed, a shared experience. Another moment on the road.

What I didn't know is he took a couple of shots of me enjoying one of my passions and looking at it I can remember the thoughts in my head and the feeling of the place at the time. A special photo for certain, and thanks to a stranger, now friend, in the desert for taking the time to look me up.

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