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You talked about the yamalink and the factory adjustment in the same sentence, but get that you know the difference.
If I remember the factory adjustment is only about a half an inch or less (at the shock). That measurement is amplified by the ratio of the linkage so it raises or lowers the bike by much more than a half an inch. Once you remove the Yamalink and install the standard link see if you like the seat height. If you want it taller........... start adjusting the shock out longer until you like it.......... just leave plenty of threads in the yoke,

As far as the forks go I remember the "caps" just sticking up above the top clamp, and that was all.

If you want to sell your yamalink, send me a PM.
Thanks for the info.. Yea I'll probably take your advice and just leave my shock as is and just raise as needed once the link is changed. I'll probably just move the clamps as high as they go on the forks.
Thanks again and I'll let you know if I decide to let go of the link
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