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So my bike decided to take a nap last night and won't start this morning. It was laying on its left side and could obviously smell fuel. What should I be looking to fix?

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Was there any fuel visible on the ground? You might have just dumped some from the breather hose. If you're not using the stock tank with the vacuum operated petcock and you left the manual petcock in the ON position, it's conceivable that the carb got flooded when it was on it's side like that. You might be able to just let it sit for a while and try it again. Alternatively, you could turn the petcock to OFF (if it's manual), then use the drain screw at the bottom of the carb to drain the fuel out. Use some tupperware for this as there is a good bit of fuel saved up in there. Once that's done, tighten the screw back up, turn the petcock to ON, and try again.
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